The “Original” ClearBra® is the leader in paint

protection film.

We are open in St. George, serving Southern Utah and Las Vegas with the Best,

Original Clear Bra, Car protection on the planet.

Clearbra is a Thick, Clear Plastic Sheet, that we Developed

Specifically for the front of your car.

We can cover Headlights, and the entire front end of your car.

This adds value and years to the life of your paint.

We Cover the side panels of your car to protect them from road

chips and door dings.

Covering the Mirrors is tricky but essential ...Our proprietary

material allows for Stretching to fit perfectly.

At Last, the Finished Product. Some say looks even better than new.

This beautiful car is treated with the Premium Package and

covers the whole front end of the car.

We replaced this bra after 7 years!

Look how new the paint still is!...Amazing

“The Original CLEARBRA” ®
Ulimate Vehicle Protection



The “Original” ClearBra® is the leader in paint protection film. Headquartered in Salt Lake City Utah. With over 20 years and over 60,000 vehicles covered in the industry we can customize our film to cover any car with a professional installation and we also carry thousands of custom-cut kits in our database for the do-it-yourselfer. If you would like to protect the painted surface of your Car, Truck, Van, SUV, Boat, or Motorcycle from road debris, The Original ClearBra® has the solution for you.

The Original CLEARBRA® can provide you with protection to cover the hood, fenders, mirrors, full front bumper, rocker panels, rear trunk, roof & a-pillars, headlights and much more. There are a lot of options when it comes to a vehicle, such as headlight washers on bumpers, sport packages with different lower spoilers and exact coverage’s just to name a few.

With our professional custom installations we use raw material instead of pre-cut kits. We hand lay raw material onto full panels, which allows us to wrap the panel’s edges to produce truly stunning results with no visible edges or seams. We are the Original ClearBra® and we carry proprietary material to protect your vehicle.

Call to find out which ClearBra® is right for you. 1-888-400-7668

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