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This is an update to the review I wrote earlier. Both are still my highest rating. I am more than pleased with the job the Original ClearBra folks did on my new 2018, limited production, Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary Special Street Glide. When I first took it in, I learned that it takes additional time to do a motorcycle because of the intense detail work required to ensure the bra is “invisible” with no gaps or obvious seams. Something, BTW, other companies just can’t seem to get right. Before they got started, John took a considerable amount of time to walk around the bike with me to make sure he knew exactly what I wanted. I basically wanted EVERYTHING to be covered. I told him, “If it’s possible, I’d like you dip my whole bike in that stuff so everything will be protected.” He smiled and said he got the picture. He also made a number of wise recommendations. Now here’s the amazing thing. When I first saw the completed bike I thought they hadn’t done it yet. But then...I realized it was done so perfectly I COULD’NT TELL there was anything there. Even looking closely, in the sunlight I could NOT see a seam or an edge. It was, and is, amazing. I cannot imagine how many hours it must’ve taken. John really is the master of his craft - a true artist. I’m an Army Colonel and an engineer. I can be very critical of any business that permits substandard work or neglected details. But when I see excellence, I know that’s a place that insists on doing things right and being the best. I’m convinced excellence - always - is what Dan (the owner) and The Original ClearBra team is all about. Motorcycles are pricey to buy and maintain. My advice to other riders is always the same, get your bike ClearBra’d before the first 50 miles. Heck, do it on the ride home from the dealer, if you can. But make sure you get it done. It will save you money later on, it will look better longer and your bike will love for it. Colonel M.
Colonel Craig V. Morgan
Dan & Alex had the guys do a six star job on my New LTZ Chevy four door dually, I have had it just over one month and received a few rock chips from our great roads here in Utah. They touched up the chips and covered the front, rear fenders and quarter panels and the work turned out great. Thank you Dan, Alex and Crew
Cec McCray
The customer service you receive at ClearBra is incredible. Alex has helped me out on two different occasions and helped me get out some white marks that had happened on my car. Without having a ClearBra I would have needed two different paint jobs to correct damage done to my car on two different occasions. I am so happy with this product and Alex is incredible. I am treated like family there.
Janice Petersen
Colby did a fantastic job installing the clearbra on our new 2017 Acura. He is a true professional.
Tom Liles
The ClearBra is an amazing product. We had it put on our Outback at the time of purchase and now we have added it to our windshield. The ClearBra protects my car from rocks, sand, salt/brine and other damaging objects. Living in Idaho the winters can be tough on a car and this ClearBra has kept my car looking like I just drove it off the lot. A special shout out to Alex who recognizes my voice and has been great to work with. Thank you ClearBra!
Shannon Marley
In November we were on our way to Southern California. Stopped to buy a new Nissan Murano in Pocatello and stayed in St George one night. We did some research on protective clear coats and read about the Original Clear Bra. We called the next morning. Dan answered the phone and our questions and invited us to stop by the shop to check out their work. We decided to go with it and since we were traveling they squeezed us into their schedule that day! We live in Montana and get pelted with gravel from the roads all winter. So far the hood still looks perfect. We took a weekend trip to Utah this week and stopped in for a check up at the SLC location. They checked it out and got us back on our way quickly. This is a great product and as an added bonus everyone we have dealt with has been very friendly. We highly recommend this product and these people.
Kelly Vroman
I went there this morning. I was treated with great respect and have not had this kind of customer service in years. Alex (service manager)explain everything to me in detail. He treated all the employees that work their with him with great respect. That says a lot about a company. I can tell they have great respect for him No wonder they do a great business. I highly recomend this for all your needs.
craig wetzel
My X-5 BMW was involved in a minor accident & had to have the left fender repaired. When we talked to the repair shop about repairing our car; we asked that the original Clear Bra be re-installed. The repair shop did a good job on the repair; but unfortunately, the repair shop did not replace the Clear Bra with the Original Clear Bra and within a couple of years, the bra was beginning to bubble. We were unaware that the clear bra that was used was not the Original Clear Bra until we took our vehicle to Original Clear Bra and the manager, Alex explained what had happened. He even talked to the repair shop, explained that the Original Clear Bra is trademarked and it is not the same clear bra. After speaking to the repair shop, they agreed to pay for a replacement should there be any issues with the clear bra that was put on the car when damaged. Alex and his crew fixed the bubble. He even gave me a can of the Plexus vinyl cleaner. He was excellent to work with and very helpful. However, within a week,the repaired clear bra began bubbling. I called Alex at the Original Clear Bra and he told me to bring it in and he would take care of it. These guys do an excellent job. They are professional, friendly, accommodating and have a 7 year warranty on the Original Clear Bra. . We are very grateful to Alex and his crew. Thanks so much!
Sandra Lee
I had two Clearbras installed at this location. One on a 2016 Honda Accord and one on a 2016 Toyota Avalon. Both were installed professionally and in a very timely manner. They both look great and after a few weeks time they had me bring the cars back in to make sure they were perfect. They even took time to touch up a small paint flaw before doing the job on the Honda. I am more than satisfied with their service. I would definitely go there again if I were to get another Clearbra.
I have placed ClearBra on some of my vehicles before, but just added one one a new purchase. The scheduling was easy and the installation was timely completed. Excellent service. Thanks, Dan, Alex and crew
I am one of those " do it it yourself" guys who always think I can save a few bucks by order on line and installing stuff myself. Man, was I wrong in this case. I ordered a precut kit for $170 from an outfit called ClearMask for my CTS Cadillac. I had a helper plus followed the directions ( which were less than clear) It was a disaster. Bubbles everywhere that would not come out and edges that would not stick. It was quite depressing. The guys a ClearBra removed the flawed material and put their product on. It cannot even be sign-it looks like factory paint. Thanks Dan and crew, I am very satisfied. I am coming down for window tint next week.
Bob Wager
Wow. Great from my first call to schedule the appointment to the completion of the installation. Installation was completed earlier than promised. Looks perfect. I was very impressed with the whole process at Clear Bra. I will definitely have this product installed on all of my cars, even those with a similar non Clear Bra product. I have lately become unaccustomed to such quality, timely and professional service.
Jeff Job
Just had my third car completed at Clearbra and again they did a great job. This was my first used car I had them do and they found a few items on the bumper that they were able to help me with so we could make sure I would be pleased with the result. They always do great work. They also do some very very high end cars which is a testament to the quality.
Professionally I consult with organizations helping them truly meet their client's needs! It is fabulous being on the consumer end of that relationship with the team at ClearBra! From the instillation to the tune-up, their passion for the perfect install has been clearly evident!. It is fabulous working with a provider whom I know I can trust to meet our needs! Thanks Dan and team! BTW, while there for my tune-up I discussed windshield bras with Dan. On my way home from my tune-up guess who encountered a rock chip on his windshield?????
Most everything positive has already been said about the ClearBra product but we’d like to make one more observation. We’ve only visited the shop three times. Once to discuss our options, the install, and the tuneup. Through those three brief encounters we have come to feel like part of the family. It isn’t often that you can feel good about spending a lot money on an SUV, but we’re convinced we’ll get most of the money back when we sell the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum. Thank you Alex, and Dan too, for creating such a fabulous product and welcoming us to the family. Now, all you have to do is open a shop in Arizona. Steve & Sharin
Steve Housley
I am extremely impressed with Clear Bra. They live up to their promises. I had an issue and they immediately resolved it and the owner showed his dedication to great service. I highly recommend this company and their product.
Colleen Roberts
Wow.. I am so impressed with the people, sevice, and quality of work of Clearbra. Alex was amazing to work with and his customer care was off the charts. The final product was of highest quality and completed so quickly. I highly recommend Clearbra...
Shana Absey
I bought a new truck and immediately brought it to Clear Bra for protection. There was no waiting as they gave me a loner car to run errands and texted me as soon as it was ready. They did a beautiful job on the truck and since I have had their Clear Bra previously I know I will get years of great protection from this great product.
We had our Clear Bra installed when our vehicle was new and it has protected it flawlessly for over two years. We were in just lately to have a repair and while we there they did a complete maintenance on the front end after I asked about the dark spots around the edges. There was no cost for that no questions. While we were waiting Dan came in and introduced himself, what a nice guy. He told us how he got started and came up with idea of the Clear Bra and spent years perfecting the process. He took us in the back and showed us the process of how a vehicle is prepped and prepared for the application and we watched as these professionals applied a new Bra to the quarter panel and touch up the front end of our vehicle. I was very impressed with the skill needed to do this process. There are a lot of car protection products out there but there is only one Clear Bra don't be fooled by the imitators who claim to be the same. Dan and the original Clear Bra are the real thing.
Jeffery Holloman
We just bought a 2016 Toyota Rav4 we were told about CLEARBRA so my husband went down to check out the product quality, price and length of time for service. Dan's team was very informative and they were able to install that day. Colby did an impeccable job. No creases or wrinkles.The shop drove my husband home and picked him up so he didn't have to wait around. It only took about 3 hrs. We had the "Standard/Plus" package done. Looks beautiful. Great customer service
Don't be fooled by imitation companies claiming to sell you a "Clear Bra" Dan, Alex and company are the real deal and will treat you and your vehicle like it belongs to them personally! I just purchased a new car for my wife, (promised I would not go black again) I just cant stay away from a sharp looking black vehicle. I wanted to make sure to protect it from rock chips and dings, since black shows it all. I called around and talked to several companies claiming to be installers of "Clear Bra" most of them had no idea what they were talking about, they did not even know what type of film they were using. Their upfront price was less expensive but once you talked with them more you quickly realized you would have to pay much more to get a product even close to the original "Clear Bra." I had the windows all tinted and the whole front of my wife's new car wrapped with the original "Clear Bra" and could not be more happy! An excellent job by Dan and his team! I would highly recommend them to anyone for this type of work. Great job, Thanks!
Kelly M
I went To clearbra just to get a price for some work on my motorcycle! They made me a better deal than I was expecting. I went to a couple of other shops the price was 2 1/2 times more than clearbra. And the workmanship! OMG. Let me tell you Clearbra has the most professional installers and staff to boot. I'm am so impressed I had some scratches and rub marks from my intercom cable, clearbra made my paint look brand new. One of the other dealer installers, just did not compare to clearbra, they had wrinkles around the fog lamp pockets and edges that were very visible. I'll recommend clearbra to everyone I meet! Thanks Alex!! You guys are the best!
Ron S
Dan and team demonstrate exceptional customer service. They are friendly, reliable, and true to their word. I've had them protect two vehicles and will take any future new car/truck to them in a heartbeat.
Jeff Amis
The ClearBra crew did a fabulous job on my RS7. The attention to detail was impeccable and the enthusiasm of Dan's team was very apparent. They love what they do and they are very, very good at it. If you want your vehicle wrapped or windows tinted shop no further. These guys are the best crew you will ever find.
George Wilkerson
I had a ClearBra installation don my Acura TL over 8 years ago. It is still in excellent condition with no flaws. I am now getting the ClearBra installation on my new Acura RDX. The quality of the product and the expert installation lasts over time. Very satisfied
Sheldon Thornock
WoW sorry this is longer than I though.But please read. I stopped at Strong Audi to get some floor mats for my new Audi. And asked one of the guys in the service department who they would go to if they wanted to have a clear bra put on. Another employee over heard me and walked up and handed me a pamphlet with all the information for clear bar. Packages and price. My girlfriend would say "for the quality of product you are getting at this pice it's a steal" he pointed out where ClearBra was and told me how to get there. I have a Solar Orange TTS. Kind of a rare color from what I have been told. I want to protect the paint as I am sure anyone with a new car does. Before I called ClearBra I made a few other calls to places around town and asked how long it would take before I can get my car taken care of and what they used. Everyone pretty much told me a week I will say the price was all about the same but they all wanted my car all day long too. I wasn't a fan of that. I called around first because of rumors that the product they used was not that good and had flaws. I called ClearBra to get some answers for my for my concerns. And they answered them and I felt comfortable enough to come check out there place. Really if you think about it if a company has a product with a flaw and they keep selling it with out making any changes or improvements that company has no chance at surviving. I asked when can I get in?! When I want something done I want it done yesterday. I got the best answer "right now" we are two blocks away.They told me about the new line of products they have and what to expect out of it and I was sold. After seeing the product for my self I personally feel this is the best product on the market right now for what it does. It was a great experience all around. I checked out the place and was totally on board. I already liked it so much I paid for my bra upfront and figured I need to get a few other modifications done buy them as well. They were great about everything. Super costumer experience. One thing that sucked was giving up my car for 5 hours. I had stuff to do. Guess what... They have a really nice loaner cars you can use to get some stuff done in. Probably the best staff all around from the guys that made the deal at the desk all the way to the guys getting their hands dirty in the back that made my car look amazing. They told me to expect 5 hours to finish my car. Then I hit them with some extras stuff. Not a big deal for them. They told me they would call me about 45 minutes before my car was ready. What an amazing flawless job they did on my baby. I couldn't be more happy. It was finished in just 4 hours. It's probably not customary to tip them but I was so pleased with my car that I did. And why not. Just incredible all and all. So thanks ClearBra
Chris Patterson
The team at ClearBra did a fabulous job on our new 2016 Ford Explorer! I would like to thank the crew especially Alex, and John for their attention to all the details. They went above and beyond the call of duty. The owner ( Dan ) of ClearBra has picked some really great employees. Thanks!
Jan Bryner
Friendly service. My car looks great!!
Erika Riggs
Very Quick to get my car in and provided a very professional job. The staff is easy to work with and always have a smile for you.
Robert Arrington
I just need to write a review for company that has a rare outlook toward it's clients we don't see any more. We purchased a new Audi A6 last year & had them put a ClearBra system on it that basically covers all the forward facing paint & protects it from stone chips, that was our first time using the ClearBra products but will not be the last. We had a large rock hit the LF headlight, the ClearBra was damaged on the light so we called Dan Mahfood @ ClearBra SLC. We live 2 hours from SLC & Dan was able to schedule our car in while we were in SLC to save us another trip.This product saved us from spending hundreds of dollars to replace that headlight. Dan Mahfood is very passionate about helping people keep their cars working good & looking great. I highly recommend this product & Dan Mahfood's company & will have all my vehicle's protected by him. Thanks Dan.
Larry Olsen
The installation was perfect. I was given a ride home and back if needed. I pick particularly like not being able to tell there is even a clear brawl on the car.
Joe Anderson
I've been putting clear-bra (or at least what I thought was clear-bra) on my vehicles for the past 13 years. (Making me somewhat of a de facto expert, if you will.) Over time I noticed substantial variations in the actual materials being used, as well as, the quality of the workmanship/installation I was receiving. Then, I met Dan and the Boys @ "ClearBra Inc." I had the opportunity to speak w/ Dan at length and take a tour of their shop. I soon realized I was speaking w/ someone who is passionate about what he does, knowledgeable on the subject, and who runs a truely professional shop. We just had two (2) brand-new Cherokees done @ "ClearBra" and they did a fantastic job! If you are familiar with these vehicles, you understand the attention to detail necessary in getting the job done right. Not to mention navigating around the Matte Decal on one of them; this in order to preserve its intended finish/purpose. Dan's son did the installation on the Jeep w/ the decal and it is virtually impossible to tell where he seamed the specialized matte bra with the regular/glossy bra; this even when you know its there! You spend less, you get less!!! DO NOT go cheap on yourself; spend a little more and you'll get a whole lot more from ClearBra; the "Original" that's right here in our backyard... P.S. trust me, I've gone the "cheap" route for the past 13 years and what a "BM" (my wife's lingo for: Big Mistake) P.S.S. I forgot to mention, "they" even solicit you to come back within 30 to 60 days for an impromptu (no appointment necessary) QC visit at no cost...
John Beener
They just completed the 10th Harley I have had them do. Another amazing job. If you are shopping around, do not be fooled by lower prices. The way they apply the product is amazing, and they stand behind everything they do.
Jim Bird
We had a great experience they did an excellent job and we will definitely go back and tell all of our friends and family to use them. It was worth every penny. John and Michelle
Michelle Brailsford
The interaction with Clear Bra goes far and beyond the application of a protective film to the body of a vehicle - in my case, I was serving overseas when I contacted Curby and the resultant attention and concern shown to my situation was totally awesome! CUSTOMER SERVICE: We communicated via numerous emails. Curby was very patient, explaining the product and the options available and, with each transmission, making sure I understood the processes and the outcomes. I made the appointment for his receipt of the car, connecting Curby with the personnel coordinating the car's modifications. I was amazed by the customer service provided by Clear Bra, a company not only selling and installing a product, but also an organization that takes care of customers, builds relationships, and stands behind its product. PRODUCT: After more than 2,000 consecutive miles of highway driving during a one-week period, Clear Bra proved that rocks, bugs, and highway grim are worries that belong to the past! A few swipes with a moistened cloth restored the pristine appearance every time! Thank you,Curby and crew, for the education, advise, car service and customer service! Five stars to an outstanding crew of an outstanding company!
Todd Levant
I've taken five of my cars to Dan at Clear Bra over the course of the past few years. He's always done an immaculate job and gone out of his way to accommodate my busy schedule. I'll continue to be a loyal client of Dan's for many more years to come. Thank you, Dan and Clear Bra team!
I had to vehicles Clear Bra, and Window tint The courtesy ride was 1 1/2 hour late picking us up to get our cars (was a free ride and a good service to provide.) Doors were very dirty from the window tint. Charge me the wrong amount (shorted themselves) and had to pay over the phone. Not a very coordinated office but they are very busy. Also my cars were very dirty on the outside with dust and dirt. I will right another post after the 30 to 60 day period to comment on quality....
My experience with ClearBra was top notch! Dan was easy to work with and very accommodating! I've had the ClearBra on my Nissan Pathfinder for about a month and feel so much better driving it on the highway. It's a tough product! It recently hailed and I had no concerns for damage (at least not on the front hood of my car). I got the "plus" package and thrilled to have my side view mirrors covered too. The shop is clean and everyone was friendly. They finished my car in a lot less time than they said. They have a driver service so I was able to get a ride back to the Valley instead of waiting downtown. The driver was friendly and I felt safe. Thanks ClearBra!
Christa Aquilla
First of all, I'm gonna start by saying the owner Dan is the coolest guy ever. I was calling random numbers after I googled ClearBra and somehow I ended up calling his cell. He answered and I asked him about clearbra and he actually took his time and told me all about it. He was able to schedule me in the next day and was even able to install a matte black vinyl wrap on the roof of my evo x. I was very impressed with quality of the work, honestly there's no shop in utah that can match their quality. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that actually cares about their car, wants the best service, and wants to keep their car in perfect condition.
Brought my Mazda 6 and my Cadillac in and got all my windows tinted for a great price and it all looks great. Great service, this is the place I would recommend anyone to bring their vehicles.
Courtney Haskell
I had a great experience with ClearBra. From the first time I called to inquire, they were friendly, informative and customer focused. I wasn’t sure about the different car protection products on the market, but after calling ClearBra I had a better idea of the specifics of ClearBra and what questions to ask as I shopped around. After many phone calls and questions asked it was clear that ClearBra was the product I wanted. They will even shuttle you to any place in the Valley while you wait, nice perk! The product is great and so was the whole experience. Thank you!
Tracy Budge
We cannot be more pleased with the service and product at ClearBra. We have had ClearBra applied to both of our new vehicles. No other product compares. They will have our future business.
Elyse MacDonald
The work at Clearbra is VERY high quality. The owner, manager, and employees are very professional and pleasant to work with. Colby, technician did an outstanding job. My wife and I drove down from Rock Springs Wy. to Salt Lake City Ut. to have our 2012 Dodge Challenger limited edition Yellow Jacket covered. We both are very satisfied. We highly recommend Clearbra.
Rick Turnboo
They did a great job on my car!
Nick Allen
I just had Clearbra applied to my new Audi by Justin. The application is amazing. You can not even tell it has been done until Justin points out how he applied it and where the edges are invisibly folded over. Customer service was great from Dan, John, Curby and the rest. They even do a free 1 month check to make sure there are no defects and to make any adjustments and will take care of any issues for years to come. The service, product and guarantee seem great. This my first use of Clearbra but I am sure that the car will look great for years to come. Wish I had had it done to my bicycle now.
John Sanders
ClearBra was such a pleasure to deal with. Excellent customer service and I would recommend them to everyone. 5 star service or even better The personnel were prompt, friendly, thorough, efficient and kind. I was extremely impressed with their company. This was the second car that I had service with them. I am a totally satisfied customer.
Jared Dalebout
ClearBra SLC has tinted three of my cars and also my girlfriend's car. No problems, fuss, or disappointment at all. I've had bad tint jobs at another place in Sandy, so ClearBra gets all my business from now on.
Ken Homan
Was more than impressed. Great service, friendly, on time, and when I paid cash, they footed the bill for sales tax. Will be going back for an upgraded service.
Dallas Robbins
Had a great experience yesterday. we were one of the original purchasers of clear bra on a 2002 gmc yukon. it worked great over the years, but has started to turn yellow. we just had it replaced. the new film is thinner and more clear and bright. it was great. had us in and out in three hours. we like it.
Steven Ostler
I recently purchased my 2015 Ford F150 and wanted the best protective coating could find. I've had two previous cars coated by Clear Bra imitations and was not satisfied, so I went to the true professionals. The team presented the best protection plan for my F150, the process was explained and total installation time. They did a fantastic job, on time and everything in a professional manor. I would highly recommend Clear Bra to everyone and anyone who ask my opinion.
Dan Brown
Very pleased with my Clear Bra Product. Has been on my Lexus for over 6 years. Has not come loose anywhere and it still looks as clear as the day it was installed. The people at this location are great to work with. I plan to have the Diamond Shield that's on my Motorhome removed and replaced with Clear Bra. The Diamond Shield has not held up as well as the Clear Bra.
Jay Parro
It was clean amazing and fast friendly service. Thanks clearbra
Nicole Velazquez
Dan and the staff there at Clearbra have been excellent. I had the Clearbra put on my car when I bought it in 2002 and recently had it replaced. Their product is the best.
Calvin Fox
Curby was great, He treated us great and did a great job on my new truck.
Tom Murphy
I brought my outback in for a repair and it was awesome Kirby took care of me. If you are looking to protect your car then this is the place to come.
Ron V
Excellent service and very accommodating in making my car available for pick up off hours.
Robert Purtell
Dan's team was really great! I was concerned about what shade of tint to go with because I wanted to keep my car looking very classy. His team was able to give me great advice and my car turned out great! I would recommend their work to anyone!
Jess Maxfield
Dan and his team did a fantastic job with my wife's new car. I would highly recommend anyone that is buying a car get this installed.
Kirk Chester
Clear Bra Inc. is a notably signal standard for superb expertise, workmanship, and customer service -- sadly, this retired USArmy officer, Purple Heart Vietnam vet, and retired Professor of English has found such outstanding service to be a rare commodity in today's world. They go above and beyond what even the pickiest consumer might want -- what more could any reasonable person desire or demand? I would NOT own a car without ClearBra protecting it. I just had my Mercedes ML550 protected, and the Mercedes CLK350 I traded in had Clear Bra, and I was told this measurably increased its trade in value. I could not be more pleased with the work done by Clear Bra, Inc. I chose the ML550 for some weekend camping, and now I can feel comfortable about subjecting it to some of the less well-traveled roads -- no Off Roading, but into the woods I go, knowing my vehicle will look just as good as it does today. I thank Dan Mahfood and his obviously professional team for their courteous, cheerful, and top-of-the-line service. They have my unqualified endorsement.
Gordon Carmichael
Have a 2013 honda CR-V. Easy to schedule an appointment. Installation was completed on-time and as promised. 5-stars !!! I would recommend this service and product to anyone.
Scott Toth
It's interesting that the owner of this company is reviewing his own company as professional. I would totally avoid doing business with this company. The installation performed on my vehicle was sub-par, backed by excuses, and it took multiple trips to get things corrected. Quality control out the door is NOT their Mantra. Stay away!
Kevin Kunz
We at Strong Audi, Strong Porsche and Strong Volkswagen have been using Utah's Best and "Original" Clearbra company for many many years. They are always the best and do an outstanding job. We are thrilled with the results and our customers are as well.
I had Clearbra do the tinting on my personal Audi vehicle and I was extremely satisfied and very happy.
I would recommend Clearbra Inc. to anyone. Dan, Kirby and the staff do a great job
Taylor strong
This personable, hard-working staff putting my car in their schedule combined with the clean, professional building made my day! Best choice for real service.
The product and installation appear to be flawless, and on-time. I couldn't ask for more and fully recommend the crew here - they seem to have pride in their work and it shows.
Spencer Lace
Having just purchased a new Porsche Boxster S I wanted to make sure the paint was protected long term. The dealer in Utah county offered a paint protection package but I wanted to do research before I let someone work on my car. After much online research and visits to local shops I decided ClearBra was the most detailed and experienced. Their work was exceptional. One example is the headlight washers, other shops wanted to do a "U" shape around the washers which would be very noticeable but the ClearBra installer did a perfect circle and made the film almost invisible around the washers. That kind of detail was very important to me and I was very impressed by their quality and overall work.
Marc Briggs
Got two cars tinted at ClearBra within the last month and am very satisfied with how they turned out.. Really happy with Kirby and the rest of the team there for the outstanding service they provided. Thanks guys!
Zuhaib Alam
Bought a clear bra for my brand new Audi, after a few years I noticed that the clear bra wasn't as clear after washing it, it became hazy, and almost has a slight yellow tint. After doing research and calling, I was basically told that my clear bra has "oxidized" and that I should have used a special cleaner on it. This would have been nice if someone told me about this in the BEGINNING! Basically no customer service was offered...was told pretty much SOL since it's already "oxidized" (and to no surprise as they already have my money!)


Will never buy from this place again!

Buyers beware go somewhere where the company backs up their product, and takes the time to inform clients about their product PROPERLY!
Tiger Woods
I took my car over to ClearBra to have the factory installed protective coating repaired. While I was there we discovered that my protective coating was not ClearBra brand. However, they were more than willing to take care of the repair. The staff was very experienced and knowledgeable. They provided excellent service and care. I would recommend ClearBra to anyone who is looking to have a protective coating on their vehicle.
Katie Steenblik
Dan and his crew did a beautiful job on my Pilot. I'll never have a new car without it again!
Andrea Brunelle
I took my Truck into have two windows re tinted. The service was great. I will be Recommended them to all my family and friends. They took me to work and picked me back up when my Truck was done that is a great service. The service time was Fast. Five Star Rating for Me. Thanks
Brandon Green
Had a small problem with the ClearBra bubbling on the back of the rearview mirror. Took it in and they replaced it. Looks great now. I appreciate the good customer service. Thanks!
Kathy Kelly
I decided to have a car bra installed after having body work done on a Mini Cooper hood/bumper due to hail damage and rock chips. After extensive research on the pros and cons of the various types of plastics, thicknesses, and installation processes, I was just about set to drive to Colorado to have the installation done. My last phone call was to ClearBra in Salt Lake. Whomever answered the phone impressed me with his knowledge of the product and the installation process. But, what sealed the deal was the way he talked about the customer service I could expect during the installation and afterward. After the installation, the owner, Dan, asked me why I chose ClearBra. I told him because of the quality of the product but mostly because of the impressive customer service promised. A half hour conversation then ensued, mostly on his philosophy of customer service. While I listened I couldn't help but feel that here is someone in business that genuinely cares about his product and will bend over backward to ensure happy customers. As a manager myself, it was easy to see that he also cares about his employees which makes for a happy and productive workplace, further enhancing the customer service experience. I fully expect when I return the car for the 30 day "tune-up", any minor flaws will be cheerfully resolved and I will leave knowing the next car I buy will have a car bra installed by this company. The only suggestion I could offer to further customer satisfaction would be to include written cleaning instructions and perhaps a sample of the recommended cleaner/polisher, especially since the plastic used is unique to this company; there is too much conflicting information available on how to properly maintain a clear bra. It is truly refreshing to experience ClearBra's old fashioned customer service in this profit driven, let the buyer beware business world.
Michael Jordan
Excellent service, great product. I had clearbra on my last car a 2009 Honda Civic SI which I drove for 5 years and 240,000 miles. Product held up very well. I would accept nothing less than the real deal Clearbra for my new Lexus. Also, if you get to meet the owner he is a GREAT guy. The staff was very friendly and is obvious that they work hard but work together well as a team. Accept nothing but the real ClearBra and don't be fooled by competitors, no other product compares.
Marilene Bennett
We purchased a new Ram 1500 and wanted to have the front side windows tinted. I also wanted to see what a clear bra could do to project the truck. Curby took the time to show me what protections a clear bra would give and why it was a better option for the truck.
After looking at all the option and going over the prices. I made my decision. I was told how long it would take, I was asked if I wanted a ride home and they would even pick me up when the job was done. I decided to watch them work. Everything was done in a professional manor. They took the time to explain what I needed to do and how to care for the tint and the clear bra. It was a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone.
Jesse Mortensen
I had window tints done on my new WRX. The service and quality of their work is exceptional. It took 4 hours, and they offered a shuttle service that took me home and picked me up. They fully inspected their work before handing the keys back to me. The tint cost $250, which is about the standard price everywhere else. They use 3M film which is backed by a lifetime warranty. With the quality of their work and service, I would highly recommend this place to anyone
Brian Vuu
I purchased a Premium treatment for my new Porsche. After only 2 months, the product has protected my car from several chips, as well as added an extra "shine" to the front end. The staff was very courteous and professional and provided me with lots of extra information about their product and how to care for it. It has not peeled, cracked or bubbled. This is the "true" ClearBra product; other vendors sell a "Clear Bra from 3M" which is not the same thing. The local Porsche, Audi and other dealers in Salt Lake use this service.
Jim Arsenault
We purchased a new Acura MDX and had a ClearBra installed. We have had other vehicles with different product types. The ClearBra is far superior. Most importantly the service provided was outstanding. Dan and Curby went out of their way to make sure the installation was done correctly and helped us with a rock chip (provided by UDOT) that did not have anything to do with them. ClearBra is not the least expensive, however the product is the best and the service is priceless.
Charlene Coleman
After a bad experience with another paint protection film installer on my previous car, I was excited to find ClearBra Inc. I was careful to check out their work before I was going to lay down a lot of money to protect my new BMW. The website looks good, but so did the other one of the company I had the displeasure of doing business.
Upon arrival, I was greeted by Curby, who explained the different packages available and answered my questions about the installation process. He then showed me a Porsche 911 they'd just completed doing full frontal protection on. I was very impressed! Both by their meticulous attention to detail, and by their ability to cover a full hood without leaving stretch marks or any other visible signs that there was protection on it. The pictures on the ClearBra Inc SLC website that show other companies' work are an accurate representation of what I had experienced previously. Aside from the stretch marks and haze I had, there was a large border around my hood that the computer-cut film didn't cover.
My new car with the Original ClearBra looks awesome, and you'd never know there was protection on it unless I showed you where to look. Dan, the owner, called me the evening I had it installed to make sure his guys did everything to my satisfaction. Even if they did somehow let something less than perfect out of their shop, I know Dan and Curby are the types that would do anything to make it right.
If you only take away one thing from this review, let it be to see examples of the work they do at any given shop. If you enjoy having a nice looking car and want it to stay that way as long as possible without drawing attention to any protection used, I'm pretty confident I know who you'll choose to do the job.
I have had 2 cars and a motorcycle done by ClearBra Inc in Salt Lake. The Staff and product are awesome. Last winter while waiting at a stop sign a Draper City snow plow went right in front of my new Audi throwing rocks and garbage across my hood. When I got home I noticed all kinds of gauges in the hood. I called Kirby at ClearBra and took the car in to peel the Bra back to look for damage. There was no damage to the hood. ClearBra replaced the Bra and off I went. Totally Thankful for the product and staff.
Randy Hubbell
They did an amazing job tinting my windows. ClearBra went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied and their work is without match. They are awesome and I recommend them to everyone.
Robert Devargas
I have done business with ClearBra for over 10 years and they have done over 10 cars for me. They have alway done a quality clear bra and window tint job. I recommend them highly.
Jim Revel
A little more expensive than other clear bras, but definitely worth the upgrade. This is a superior product compared to the ClearBra "pretenders" scattered about town. Don't be fooled by the imitators. Very professional installation, perfectly performed. These guys are the best!! Wouldn't own a vehicle without the original ClearBra.
Dan Mandrow
Had my windows tinted. They had to strip off the old tint and re-tint to a quality product. Curby was very professional and the business was very clean and organized. I felt the price was competitive and install was perfect. I would recommend at least call or go by and check them out!
Randy Evans
We needed to get our work vehicles tinted and they provided me with a very competitive price and the flexibility to shuttle trucks around for us. The quality has been great! The service has been great! It has been refreshing work with them and they will have my business in the future.
Troy Jackson
It was time to give my 1986 MR2 a new look. This car, "the pocket rocket" came from a collaboration between Lotus and Toyota. Mine got a new suspension, black rims, and pipes, but was looking a bit shabby.
My son Josh said, "don't paint it, vinyl it, take it to these guys at Clear Bra". Dan (the dad) and John (the son) tag teamed to bring this car to the level it deserved. Dan went about finding and replacing all the little things that had gone wrong while the car was in hibernation for a decade. What a pain, I could never have done it, but he volunteered to help me bring it back to life-- totally-- and he did. When it came to deciding what to do to the car, it was clear to me and Josh, that although we had a few thoughts, John knew what to do- quite the artist, indeed. He used a brassy gray for the main color with carbon fiber textured black for the middle of the hoods, front and back and trims, and textured black where he couldn't wrap. Wow. What a cool car and cool look. They said people kept trying to buy it. I took it to get the safety inspection and they couldn't believe it. The look is truly amazing. Modern sports cars are cool; they are big and strong. Mine won't beat anybody off the blocks and isn't much going up hill, but does it turn.i It is so much fun to drive. Put me in a curvy downhill stretch and they won't even see my pipes. And now it looks amazing, even parked. Old cars can be a hassle if you are not handy, and I'm not. Fortunately, there are still a few guys on earth who care enough to go beyond simply doing the minimum to get the job done and get paid. They have passion. So whether you are just looking for a ClearBra to save your car from street chips or you have greater needs like me, trust these guys. They'll take care of you.
Mark Skolnick
I was referred to this company by an auto dealer friend of mine. It has been one of the best experiences with a company I have had in a long time. The product is a great product, and though my vehicle didn't cooperate very well, they were willing to explain everything to me. Great customer service and a willingness to do all they can to make sure the customer (me) was happy. Thanks to Kirby and Mike for a great experience! I recommend this for everyone who wants vehicle tint or the ClearBra. ClearBra Rocks!
Mark Whitchurch
As it turned out our 2003 Audi RS 6 had one of the first generation ClearBra's and after 12 years of flawless service, it was time to have it replaced. I pulled into the ClearBra facility and within a few moments just about every employee was out looking at our hall of fame ClearBra-or maybe it was the RS 6 that was the big attraction, any way I was given an immediate assessment of the ClearBra's condition. They looked at the paint, did a test on a small section of the ClearBra and told me with full confidence the old ClearBra could be removed and the paint underneath was in such good condition that a new ClearBra could be installed over the entire hood, instead of just the front portion. Great News!!! They said they would need the car for more than one day so we scheduled two, they had the car all done on the first day with time to spare. The RS 6 looks sparkling new and we are4 looking forward to another decade of flawless service-THANKS CLEARBRA FOR A GREAT INSTALLATION.
Sumner Swaner
The interaction with Clear Bra goes far and beyond the application of a protective film to the body of a vehicle—in my case, I was serving overseas when I contacted Curby and the resultant attention and concern shown to my situation was totally awesome! CUSTOMER SERVICE: We communicated via numerous emails. Curby was very patient, explaining the product and the options available and, with each transmission, making sure I understood the processes and the outcomes. I made the appointment for his receipt of the car, connecting Curby with the personnel coordinating the car’s modifications. I was amazed by the customer service provided by Clear Bra, a company not only selling and installing a product, but also an organization that takes care of customers, builds relationships, and stands behind its product. PRODUCT: After more than 2,000 consecutive miles of highway driving during a one-week period, Clear Bra proved that rocks, bugs, and highway grim are worries that belong to the past! A few swipes with a moistened cloth restored the pristine appearance every time! Thank you, Curby and crew, for the education, advise, car service and customer service! Five stars to an outstanding crew of an outstanding company!
Todd Levant
I just got back from so.lake tahoe in my new Subaru cross trek with a CLEARBRA installed just before we left. I called Dan@ Clearbra and said I was leaving in 2 days and was there any way to get us in before we put the first 1200 miles on the new car. Dan said to have it there by 9a.m. the next morning and that Curby would take care of us...and he did !!! Car looks great and it was a stress free road trip not wondering if the next passing car would flip the rock that would ruin that perfect paint on our new car. The fact that Dan Mahfood said " get it in and we'll get you on the road " was awesome and made huge points with my wife. Thanks for a job well done and for making our trip that much more enjoyable.
Dan Crookston
I highly recommend Dan and his company. As an art director and designer, I appreciate attention to detail. ClearBra is the clear leader in vehicle protection; they do the job right.
John Kilbourn
Excellent product I had there product installed on a honda accord. You can't even tell it's on there very clear bra. No orange pill at all.
Jerrold Mcmillan
Dan and Curby are all about customer service and making you happy. They provided great solutions when I wanted to get my windows tinted and clear bra installed on my Honda Odyseey and Kia Optima. When you get stuff done on your call it's not just about the product, but the service you get counts. They respond fast, provided a loaner car, had a good knowledge of the process of what it takes to get your car protected. I felt comfortable dealing with them and would recommend their services to anyone!
Jeremiah Lim
I finally got the car I've always wanted but after one year it had lost it's shine and that new look. I wanted to protect it from further damage so I brought it in to Dan for a Clearbra application and window tint. My car looks like I just drove it off the showroom floor!!! I had Clearbra put on all around my car and I am sooo thrilled that I did!! They even did a touch up on the paint before they applied Clearbra, I was told they quit counting nicks in my car's hood after they counted and touched up over 79 nicks! I couldn't believe that after only one year my paint was that messed up. I will never buy another car without immediately taking it into Dan for this incredible Clearbra protection, it is awesome, Dan is very detailed in making sure the job is done correctly and to his clients satisfaction. I'm so thrilled to have found his company!!
Cindy Caldwell
I have had eight cars/trucks done by ClearBra, Salt Lake City now located at Harvard Ave.and have never be disappointed with the results. I have actually had two of the cars redone after accidents. Really helps with the rock and salt chips that we have here in the mountain west. When I sold the cars I enjoyed the buyers commenting on how well I took care of the cars. This week I am taking in the 8th vehicle, a new 2014 Highlander. Dan Mahfood and his application crew have always done it right and on-time.
Russell G Smith
My wife and I truly appreciate the customer service we received at Clearbra. Satisfaction is guaranteed. I brought my new $150,000+ Maserati from Colorado to get the job done right. I did a lot of research and trust me when I say you won't find a better product, better customer service, harder working staff, or a cleaner shop. My car was a huge investment and I'm truly thankful that I had the work done at Clearbra. Call Curby or Dan, stop by the shop, they will answer any questions you have. You will be impressed, especially when compared to the other 5 shops I visited before choosing Clearbra. Thanks again Dan, Curby, and Justin.
Mike & Markie walker
It is truly a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.
Follow up from after having the ClearBra installed and there customer service(Kirby). The ClearBra LOOKS AND FEEL TERRIFIC! I myself can barely see it and I had a friend with and he didn't know I had it done until I told him and even then I had to point it out! I had the full hood, full fenders, bumper and the pillar kit for along the windshield and top done for both our Lincoln MKX and MKZ. I had started seeing a couple of places were highway rocks, pebbles and other objects had hit. I research and found The Orginal ClearBra and they were the best I found out there. There customer service: I challenge anyone to find a better service! The customer service person named Kirby CAN NOT BE BEAT! He sat the bench mark. I have NEVER AND I REPEAT NEVER HAD SUCH EXCELLENT, SUPERIOR AND OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!!! I didn't think that type of customer service was still out there. Kirby MADE sure that I WAS COMPLETELY SATISFIED before and afterwards and no> I'm not being paid to say this. This comes from actually experience!! Thanks ClearBra and (Kirby) Robert W.
Robert W.
First I just wanted to say that the customer service at Clear Bra is an excellent as you can get. I have purchase the Clear Bra for our mkz and mkx. The salesman name Kirby explain everything to me about the Clear Bra, made some suggestions and helped me out in the pieces that would suit me in what I was looking for and wanted. I received the Clear Bra in a couple of days and nne of the pieces that I had ordered did not fit, so I call Clear Bra, spoke to Kirby and IT WAS NOT ANY HASSEL WHAT SO EVER, HE LOOKED UP THE CORRECT PIECE AND HAD IT SENT OUT TO ME THE NEXT DAY AT NO CHARGE TO ME! They truly want you to be please with their product. They even have product installation people around the country to put it on for you or to give you some advice. I have not received that type of customer service in years. Just as soon as I get the Clear Bra put both cars I will give a follow up. The customer service gets 5 STARS!!!!
Robert Waddell
Just wanted to let everyone know what a fabulous product clear bra is. They have exceptional installers that provide great service. As Finance Director of Strong Audi in SLC, we equip aprrox 25-35 cars monthly with their product. Not only does the customer get a car that will remain looking new for years, when we get that car back in 2 yrs as a trade in we don't have to spend a thousand dollars or more to paint the bumpers, hood and front fenders. Keep up the awesome work guys, we appreciate it !
Dan is a straight shooter who takes care of my customers like they're his own. He and the Clear Bra team are professional, organized, and they have answers whenever I need them. Dan has gone above and beyond helping me gain new customers and to grow the Innovative Audio name.

Service Category: Car Accessories
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Rick Lutz
I put ClearBra on my new Nissan in 2010. Three years later the product looks brand new and offers 100% protection to my vehicle. Dan and his team were friendly, helpful, and honest business people. They gave me an excellent price and a year later placed a new ClearBra on the fender after I dented it in. This cost me next to nothing and they fixed it on the spot. My husband has since put this product on his Nissan and is equally satisfied.
Stephanie Anderson
I have 2011 Honda Civic that I needed to have tint on two front windows replaced to pass legal limits for registration. I walked in and advised to Dan what I was trying to do to correct my tint. He gave me quality product and service provided within an hour for only $60 for the total job. WHAT A GREAT DEAL!!!!! I would suggest the Clear Bra team to friends and associates to get great products and service in town.
Byron Roach
I had Clear Bra installed on my 2006 Mini Cooper S, and now seven years later the product looks as good as new, no yellowing, peeling or bubbles. And of course, no stone chips on the protected areas. The only thing that I would do differently is to have the first few inches of the roof above the windshield protected as the Mini is low enough to catch debis in that area. Well worth the investment, these guy are great.
Nicholas R. Pellegrino
I just purchased a new Audi Q5 for my wife. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah but bought from the Audi dealership in Las Vegas (I will never buy a car from the Salt Lake Audi dealership - they think their above everyone else!). My wife loves her Q5 so I thought it should be protected. I never even talked to anyone else other than Dan and his group at Clear Bra. They were excellent! They even loaned me one of their company cars while our Q5 was getting done. I am huge on customer service since I am in Financial Services and the Clear Bra group went above and beyond to take care of me. I wil
Justin Atkinson
"Don't be fooled by imitation protective film like almost was! My car was in a wreck and the body shop wanted to put on the peel and stick film. I had ""ClearBra"" before the wreck and wanted the same quality put back on. What alerted me to the fact I was getting a ""knock-off"" was when they told me the price allotted for the ""ClearBra"" and it was half the price. So I asked some questions and found out that there is ONLY ONE real ClearBra, the others are an imitation! Meaning half the price you get half the thickness and half the quality, if that! Do yourself a favor and research and ask que"
Todd McBride
First of all, I'm gonna start by saying the owner Dan is the coolest guy ever. I was calling random numbers after I googled ClearBra and somehow I ended up calling his cell. He answered and I asked him about clearbra and he actually took his time and told me all about it. He was able to schedule me in the next day and was even able to install a matte black vinyl wrap on the roof of my evo x. I was very impressed with quality of the work, honestly there's no shop in utah that can match their quality. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that actually cares about their car, wants the best service, and wants to keep their car in perfect condition.
Abraham Lopez
I have used ClearBra on all my vehicles for years and always was amazed how well it protected. My wife bought a Lexus and had a knock off product out on. It turned yellow in 4 years, the dealership said tough luck it always happens. Not with the real ClearBra, thanks to Dan at ClearBra for taking the crap off and putting the original on! Go ClearBra
George Hofmann
Having just purchased a new Porsche Boxster S I wanted to make sure the paint was protected long term. The dealer in Utah county offered a paint protection package but I wanted to do research before I let someone work on my car. After much online research and visits to local shops I decided ClearBra was the most detailed and experienced. Their work was exceptional. One example is the headlight washers, other shops wanted to do a “U” shape around the washers which would be very noticeable but the ClearBra installer did a perfect circle and made the film almost invisible around the washers. That kind of detail was very important to me and I was very impressed by their quality and overall work.
I picked this shop over local shops 35 miles closer and was glad I did. This is a shop of perfectionists! Curby is totally customer focused, his staff works on your car like it’s theirs….meticulous! The shop area…immaculate! They do work for very high end dealerships too! You might find “cheaper” prices but you also get what you pay for. They do window tint too….Curby made that happen during my appoint for my Clearbra at a moments notice! As far as the Clearbra itself… can’t even tell it’s there unless you’re in the sun and actually look for the seam.
Jim M.
I was interested in getting some kind of protection put on the long, low, sloping hood of my new Prius. I called a few places and decided the best product for the price was at Clear Bra on Harvard Ave in SLC. They covered the entire front end for a very reasonable price and the quality of the work was excellent. I also had them install some tinting for the windows. I am very please with the results. When I went back in for my 60 day checkup, I did not have an appointment but they quickly checked my car over, made one minor adjustment I hadn’t noticed and I was back on the road in ten minutes. Everyone was polite and the service was superb! These guys are real pros and I highly recommend them! They know what good customer service is!
I just had Clearbra put on the new Acura TSX Wagon. First of all, Kirby totally rocks. He is so customer service oriented, met me when he said he was going to be there, had a loaner car for me to use for the day and called when the car was ready. It doesn’t get much better than that. I am happy I protected my new car with Clearbra. If you are looking for great service, a most-excellent experience and to protect you investment, go to Clearbra. Kirby will take such good care of you.
These guys are total professionals and by far the best around. They even provided me with a loaner while my car was being finished. I traveled about 1 hour (each direction) for the ClearBra brand but I would have traveled much further if needed. The product and installation are both perfect as expected. I probably could have saved a few bucks and gone with someone else but the film and the installation are just so much better from ClearBra that it was well worth the extra 15%.
Benjamin Speed
Clear Bra is company that understands customer service and executes accordingly. We purchased a new vehicle for long distance commuting and a clear bra is an absolute must if you care about your car. My experience with car dealership clear bras in the past has left my cars with a noticeable line across the hood. There product does not always fit perfectly either. This time around we desired a professional, higher grade product. We also ran into a time crunch so I put Clear Bra on the spot first thing in the morning and after confirming the higher quality materials they use asked if they could meet our timeline and have the car ready by the afternoon. They commited to getting it done on time and so we delivered the car. I was personally skeptical because most service oriented companies make promises they cannot keep. I was pleasantly surprised that they had the car done within the hour of their promise. We had the entire car tinted and a full clear bra over the hood, a 5 hour job on a good day. And our new car was a challenge due to all the curves. I was even more impressed with the final result. The clear bra was not noticeable in any way, it almost looked as if they had done nothing to the car. Very impressed. The tint job also came out flawlessly. These guys are pros. They mentioned that this is all they have done for 15 years. That kind of specialization pays off, it really showed in their work. I feel I got great value for the money spent and will never go anyplace else. A friendly and smiling staff tops it all off for an excellent A++ in my book. You will not regret going to Clear Bra Inc.
Lexington Blood
We have had ClearBra installed on several of our cars. Each evolution of the product is better than the last. The current is nearly invisible and protects as well, if not better than the first. The craftsmanship of the installation is great and they stand behind their workmanship. Dan and his staff care about how the work is done and if the customer is satisfied. If I cared about a vehicle I would always install a ClearBra.
Karl Hendrickson
I have had the Clearbra plus on my Honda Accord for the past three years and have been pleased with the quality of workmanship and the protection for my front end, as I do a fair amount of freeway driving. I had my door edges done extra (which also has helped in our tight garage). Without hesitation, I recently had the same package and door edges put on our new Outback. The staff is professional, put out quality work, and they are wonderful to work with. Thank-you Dan and the same to your crew!!
We recently had a clear bra put on our 2013 CTS Cadillac. We are extremely pleased with the quality of work. Their product and service was above and beyond. We appreciate the good work and service. We would definitely recommend you to our friends and family, we will be returning for your services
Judy Harrison
Dan is the man, excellent customer service! these guys rock! me & my wife both bought new cars & had clear bras installed on the recommendation of our salesperson & we are very happy with the results….
Vincent Greenwood
My first experience with clear bra was back in 2000. At that time clear bra was pretty new and it was the thicker type of clear bra. It was the best thing I ever did. After 10+ years of ownership I was getting ready to trade it in. Removed the clear bra (due to its age and a little yellowing which showed on my white car) and polished and buffed the car. It looked like it had just come off the showroom floor! No discoloration, no dings, no scratches etc – it was fabulous. I have since done several cars with clear bra and would never think of NOT doing it. Dan and his work staff are always professional and a delight to work with. I highly recommend using this company – you will not regret it.
Jeanne Stanford
I own a mint condition 94 Toyota MR2. In the last four years, I have put less than 5000 miles on the car. It seems like everytime I take it out of the garage, I end up with a new rock chip. I recently spent almost $600 having the few rock chips on the hood touched up and the entire car cut and buffed. On the way home from the shop I had a rock skip right across my hood! I will never make that mistake again. I took my car to Dan and had him cover my entire front end and rocker panels. They also tinted my windows at the same time. I have now had two cars covered with the original CLEARBRA and even convinced my sister to cover her brand new Sequoia. I could have saved myself numorous heartaches and a few hundred dollars if i would have just seen these guys earlier. Getting CLEARBRA was the best thing I have ever done for my car.
Brian Phillips
When I first purchased my Outback I didn’t think I would need this product but a $500 paint job after a hockey bag was drug across the hood changed my mind. If only I had this product on my car before the incident. Dan and team were very accommodating with my schedule and did a great job on the installation. I very much appreciated the follow up to be sure I was happy as well as an explanation on what to do and not do to care for it. I look forward to many years of wear. Thanks Dan!
Ryan Hinkins
Thanks Dan and employees!!!!! I just purchased my Subaru and had the Clear Bra put on my car it looked amazing! I hurt my pride by scratching the lower front corner so I called Dan freaking out and he had me come in to see what they could do. They simply removed an edge and redid it while I watched. They also did not charge me WOW! Thanks guys I am coming back when I finally decide what vehicle to purchase next! Hey, Dan, have fun with those new Velosters don’t drive too crazy! Thanks tons again!!!!!
Carey Mathais
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dan and John down through the years, first with Dan in Auto Sales but most recently with him and John at ClearBra. I’ve had ClearBra installed on two of the cars, and I and plan to do the same with my next vehicle. They even do tint, which I’m having them install on my Altima. ClearBra has helped keep my vehicles looking like new, which makes a difference when I trade them in. Great product and great service!

Charles Henderson “JETBLUE”
Charles Henderson
I had our 2013 Nissan Murano wrapped with the Original Clear Bra and I cannot be happier with the product. Dan Mahfood has done an exceptional job of developing the product and while several others have attempted to copy the Original Clear Bra, they simply can’t match the product or service. It is also noteworthy that Dan has been in the auto-industry 30+ years and he well understands how to serve his clientele. Rest assured that if you enter in to business with Dan or his staff, you will not merely have a product and service, you will have a relationship. Many thanks Dan for your expertise and dedication in the industry.

Dr Erik Vanslooten
Erik Van Slooten
I never understand why someone would buy a brand new car, spend $15 – $??K on it and then not want to spend the small extra to protect their investment. I first put Clearbra on my brand new 2004 Honda Accord EXL. After seeing the quality of the material, and how they claimed it would protect the vehicle, I figured I would give it a try.All I can say is, the stuff is amazing. I’m sold for life on it. I have since used it on my 2006 Honda Civic Si, my 2010 F-150 Lariat, and now today, my 2013 Hyundai Azera. As I did on my Honda Civic, I Clearbra covered THE ENTIRE FRONT END OF THE CAR ,which includes the front bumper, the whole hood, both finders, back of the side view mirrors, theroof pillars, and the section of the roof above the windshield. Once again, perfect installation. When you look at the new body lines of these new cars that are being produced, I’m simply stunned on how they do a job like this. As mentioned above, their shop is spotless and you can tell they take pride and joy in the service they provide. I take pride in my vehicles, and would like to have the best resale when I decide to change vehicles. I know that applying the Clearbra gives me a high bluebook resale advantage.
Toby R.
Dave Romero
We have been selling Clear Bra for over 10 years and we have had excellent customer service and my clients are very satisfied with the results. I personally have had one on my last 3 cars and I would not go without it again. the company stands behind their product, no questions asked!
Franz Siep
Strong Porsche
Salt Lake City, Ut.
Franz Siep
I have been dealing with John and Dan for just over 5 years now and sending all our Porsche’s, new and used, to them for ClearBra installations. They have always been professional and tremendously helpful in all areas regarding their product. What shocked me was their willingness to help out with other companies’ products and repair what was done improperly or had not adhered in places. That type of service goes above and beyond anything that would ever be expected of a company, but the fact they would go that extra mile for me just further reinforces my decision to use them for every vehicle that passes through my service drive – Corey (Strong Porsche)
Corey Layton
My name is David Failner, I am the Owner of Executive Car Club. I have referred several of my customers to Dan and his crew. Every one of them were extremely satisfied with his professionalism and quality of his work. I will not hesitate to recommend his business to anyone I come in contact with.
David W. Failner
I had Clearbra added to my 2009 scion xb-black-right after it was repaired from wind damage from Dec 11 storm in Utah. They covered my entire hood, front facing mirror edges, bumper, headlite capsules and also added door edge guards. My car is better than new and always will be because of the Clearbra.
You won’t find a better person to do business with than Dan Mahfood.
He is straight up and his handshake is money. This is a great product and Dan stands behind it so you can do it worry free.
Galen Schatzman
Dan & John are the BEST!!! The Original Clear Bra is the best out there. Dan & John are amazing at what they do. My truck, boat, and my wife”s car look amazing!! I refer all my friends, family, and co-workers to Clear Bra. Thanks again guys!! Hands down The Original Clear Bra is the BEST in this world!!!!
Michael Brady “Key Bank”
I have known Dan and Clearbra since the beginning. I have had Clearbra installed on three of my vehicles and I have been impressed with each installation. I highly recommend Dan and his team.
Andy (E-bay)
Andy Gallup
Folks, don’t be stupid or stingy about taking care of your cars.

ClearBra is the BEST money you will ever spend to protect your car. I would rather have a car with ClearBra than front seats! If you don’t get your cars “ClearBra’d” within the first 30 minutes of ownership, you are going to hate yourself. Trust me – I didn’t have it done and I ruined a beautiful and rare car in less than 800 miles.

In 2003 I bought a perfect, unmolested 1987 Guards Red Porsche in California. You know, the kind of car everybody wants but nobody can find. It looked and smelled new, just like the day it was born. It didn’t have a single nick, mark or scratch anywhere. I carefully drove it from San Diego to Salt Lake City – I even slept in it so it couldn’t be stolen or bumped. I was in love and promised myself I would NEVER sell or harm that car.

However, when I arrived in Salt Lake and gently slid the car onto the shiny epoxy floor of my pristine garage I was horrified to see THERE WERE 11 ROCK CHIPS on that perfect red hood! Perhaps only a car lover will understand this when I say, I wanted to cry. The car was no longer “showroom” perfect. True, it could be touched up and repainted, but that’s NOT the way it came from the factory.

Then I learned about ClearBra. I will admit I was skeptical about the claims made and it seemed expensive to me but Dan (the owner) promised me I would never regret putting it on. I did it. And, I have since ClearBra’d every vehicle I’ve owned. In fact, I had John do my new Harley Street Glide before I hit 40 miles. It is especially good on motorcycles because you can wash and wax the ClearBra just like it was paint.

Again, don’t be stupid like me. Don’t get lured away by anything less than the original ClearBra. You spent a lot of money on your car – why wouldn’t you want to protect it?

Oh, and by the way, I had John ClearBra over the 11 chips on the hood of the red ’87 Porsche and…you can’t see the chips anymore! The stuff is amazing.

I’m thinking of doing my mountain bike next.

Col. (Ret.) Morgan, USA
The Colonel
I have known Dan for years and I know the product is the best out there… I always refer my friends to The Original Clearbra… Brian ( )
Brian HIll
When I first purchased my Outback I didn’t think I would need this product but a $500 paint job after a hockey bag was drug across the hood changed my mind. If only I had this product on my car “before” the incident. Dan and team were very accommodating with my schedule and did a great job on the installation. I very much appreciated the follow up to be sure I was happy as well as an explanation on what to do and not do to care for it. I look forward to many years of wear. Thanks Dan!
Ryan Hinkins
Thanks Dan and employees!!!!! I just purchased my Subaru and had the Clear Bra put on my car it looked amazing! I hurt my pride by scratching the lower front corner so I called Dan freaking out and he had me come in to see what they could do. They simply removed an edge and redid it while I watched. They also did not charge me WOW! Thanks guys I am coming back when I finally decide what vehicle to purchase next! Hey, Dan, have fun with those new Velosters don’t drive too crazy! Thanks tons again!!!!!
Carey Mathias
I was referred to ClearBra by another customer who is very particular about his vehicle. I knew if He recommended ClearBra, they would be skilled. And they were. I had my new Jeep “ClearBra’d” and it turned out great! Furthermore, as a customer, I was treated with honesty, professionalism, and excellent customer service. I would certainly recommend them to others who want to preserve the beauty of their new car. Sincerely, Kathleen
Thank you guys so much!! I absolutely love my tint, it looks amazing. I am so impressed with how fast it was done and the quality speaks for itself!! Amazing group of guys
Thank you Dan!!
I was referred to Dan from a friend who had a ClearBra put on her Audi. When I saw her car and how nice of a job they did for her I considered having one put on my BMW. However, I waited a couple months and “of course” I ended up in a situation where I had to have major repairs done ot my car due to a gravel truck dropping gravel out on the freeway and pelting my car so much that it cost almost $6,000 to fix!! So when the repairs were complete I drove it straight to ClearBra.
The experience was awesome! Dan and John were so great to work with and made sure that I was satisfied with the work. They also are so good about customer service that I was told to come back in a month and have them look it over just incase any adjustments or anything needed to be made… Seriously?? I thought that was so cool and very unlike what I usually get these days for customer service.
Thanks again!!
Laura Welch
I would like to let everyone know of the great job that was done on our 2006 Charger SRT back in November of 2005. To this day it still looks like new. That is one reason we returned to have our 2013 Challenger done. We have received excellent service and a willingness to stay late and finish the job while we waited. Thank you Clear Bra!
Wayne Lloyd
I recently had my new 2013 A8 clearbra’d and I couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t even think about purchasing a new car without protecting my investment. They depreciate enough without the added wear and tear of unprotected painted surfaces. And the look of the bra itself is seemless. This is the best invention since metallic paint. The product is second to none and the application is done by true perfectionists. Worth twice what I paid for it! Thanks guys!
Mike Uchitel
Thank You Dan for an outstanding service! Hands down, the best example in Utah as to what dealing with a business should be!! Very professional, extremely courteous and absolute delight to deal with.
My 2013 Sonata looks and will look like new for a long time, thanks to the Original Clear Bra!! To the crew, excellent job!!
Alexander H. Becz
Thank you Dan and crew. My 2003 MDX looks brand new. I needed a touch up on my original Clear Bra. You all did an amazing job!!!
David Hansen
Clear Bra protected my right mirror from real Paint damage. I was backing out of my garage looking at a parked car on my right and was not watching my right side of garage opening. I scraped the right mirror quite hard . If I had not put on the clear bra, I would be putting up cash for a paint job on the mirror, instead of replacing a small piece of new clear bra.
Thanks Dan for a great product.
Brent Packard
This is my third experience with ClearBra and have not been disappointed. My first experience was a referral by my Toyota dealer, since then I have used my experience with ClearBra to do my next vehicle…Tundra pickup and a new Avalon. Cannot go wrong with this product and service. Make sure to see “The Original Clearbra” in SLC Utah. Harvard Ave.
Marvin Rogers
It was good to have you put ClearBra on another one of my new cars. I have always been pleased with your professional attention to detail, and custom craftsmanship. You and your crew are consummate professionals. I always trust the Mark Miller family of auto dealers to only send me to the “original” ClearBra. The other so called clearbra vendors are cheap imitations who lack expertise and know-how to professionally apply the product in a lasting manner. I have shopped price, and I have shopped performance, and you are always heads above the rest. I may be able to pay a buck or two less, but then I would get a cheap imitation. The other places hire kids off the street with little training, but you have imparted your extensive knowledge upon your guys affording them the ability to be the best.
These guys are amazing: I have a 2008 Cayenne that they put a Bra on when new. But over the years it began to get wax etc. under one edge, they trimmed it back a tad and it’s now as good as new. All at no charge and they did it while I waited!
Garry Miller
I’ve known about paint protection film for a few years. But I’ve never taken the time to have it installed, on the many cars I’ve bought and sold over those years. Well this year I ordered myself a BMW 135i, loaded. A car that I was really looking forward to owning. When it arrived it was even more than I expected. So I decided this one I would have the protective film installed on. So I went to work to see what was out there. After taking the time to visit Dan’s shop and seeing for myself the difference between Dealer installed film and the much more complete installation Dan’s crew was doing. The choice was as clear as Dan’s film. I made my appointment. Well it came out fabulous. Dan’s crew truly are the Da Vincis of Clear Bra. They installed it beautifully. Right on to what I had requested. I found Dan to be a very sincere guy. An uncommon find with todays business people. He and his crew always will come highly recommend by me.
Gaylen Morley
I have been dealing with Dan and John for several years now. I have had them put ClearBra on at least 5 of my Harley’s now. It has saved me a ton of money on paint jobs. In fact, on one of my bikes, i decided not to do it. Lo and behold, I was pummeled with rocks. I had to have the fairing and fender painted, then promptly went to Clear Bra and had them protect my bike. It is the first thing I do now when i get a new bike, as well as many people I ride with now. Would not leave home on a long trip without ClearBra on my bike. We protect the fairing, lowers, and saddlebags.
Jim Bird
This was my first dealing with Dan, John & a couple of the fellas that work with them in their Auto Finish Protection business. First and foremost, I just have to say that John’s gifts of easily building rapport with his customers and his ability to quickly build a sense of confidence in his product and installation team are truly remarkable, as well as uncommon. He comes across as a person that just wants to help you with your car problems, whatever they may be. And then, quite simply and personally, he does just that. I needed a parking lot “present” that I was given recently repaired, that was beyond his capabilities to touch up, rub or buff out. He personally took me over to the body shop that he sends his own cars to, he introduced me to the owner and waited for me to get an estimate and schedule my car in for the work. He worked with the body shop to shuttle my car over to his shop to get the ClearBra installation completed, and then took it back over to them to get the balance of my work done. He also arranged for me to use a loaner car to drive back home while mine was in the body shop. I’m curious when the last time was that you were the recipient of this kind of “Help with your car problems”, from a person that you just barely met? Dan is a good judge of character, he knows where to go and who to talk with to solve automotive troubles and, at the end of the day; he has the experience & integrity to just do the right thing for you. I know where I’m sending my family and friends for help with their car troubles and finish protection! JACK

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