There’s nothing quite like getting a new paint job on your car – the gleaming shine, the flawless exterior, that new-like feel; it all makes it worth the money spent. However, if you live in a city that gets abundant rainfall, strong winds, sandstorms – or even some very well-fed birds dropping surprise bombs, you’ll need some paint protection to make sure your cars paint will not corrode.

Rain or shine, your car will always look fine

Clear Bra is one of the most trusted names in vehicle paint protection shields. It is the investment that will keep your car shining like new for years and years at a stretch. Here’s your chance to bid farewell to exterior coating damage due to harsh weather and bird droppings.

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Manufactured using scientific research-driven formula, the Clear Bra is the second skin that every car needs to look its best for longer than ever before, under any climatic conditions. Our team of professionals are highly skilled at expertly installing and maintaining Clear Bra and guiding you on how you can keep your paint job looking fresh for years without going back for seconds and thirds.

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So if you live in Salt Lake City, St George, or adjoining localities – you’re in luck. Get the leading team in car detailing to protect your vehicle today. Give us a call to schedule an appointment at 801-486-7668, or 435-673-9471.