Window tints are ideal if you need extra privacy, protection from the UV rays of the Sun, or simply something that elevates the look of your car. There is no denying the fact that darker, color graduated windows and windscreens can give an instant makeover to any vehicle – which is why tinting is one of the most popular and sought-after services at most detailing centers in the USA.

Don’t get distracted by cheaper rates

We understand that looking for the right person or team to get tinting done can be overwhelming – lower services charges seem more attractive and there’s always someone out there willing to do it for cheaper. But here’s our two cents – cheaper tints are just that. Cheap. With a little exposure to the outside environment, they will eventually begin to peel and fade, and in no time, you’ll be out in the market looking for a replacement.

One tint job to cover them all

Save yourself the trouble, (and the money). With our window tints, you can forget about replacements or faulty applications. Our team of professionals is highly skilled at giving cars a stunning makeover with flawlessly placed tints, with depth and color graduation exactly the way you like it. We take pride in the unmatched quality of our services – and we manage to exceed the expectations of our clients every time!

Give your windows that additional protection and makeover they deserve. If you are a resident of Salt Lake City, St George, or adjoining localities, simply give us a call and schedule an appointment with the best team in vehicle detailing today!